Oakley's First Look With Bob Burnquist
X Games 2012 MegaRamp Course Preview

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Skate legend Bob Burnquist has returned to his home away from home: X Games- Los Angeles. The Brazilian skateboard pro is back in Los Angeles and preparing to compete in the Big Air contest; an event he has won three times since its introduction to the X Games. Burnquist is a proven veteran and has competed in the X Games since it began in 1995, earning 20 medals during that time.

One of the tallest MegaRamps ever built lives in Burnquist’s backyard, so to say he is an experienced rider is an understatement. Burnquist conquers one of the tallest structures in action sports competition on a daily basis.

“If I’m filming a new trick I just want to warm up and get to it,” Burnuquist said when asked what goes through his mind when getting ready to skate the Mega. “I have to visualize to materialize. If I’m skating a contest, Ill try to pace myself, get used to the ramp; the way it pops, figure out the wind adjustments, etc.”

Although Burnquist is a master of the Big Air event, no one is perfect. Proving he is human in practice, he took a nasty spill, falling to the bottom of the ramp, writhing in pain. The video shows an insane fall from over 20 feet in the air, ending in Burnquist smashing his tailbone and left leg on the piping. It was a gruesome fall, but in true Burnquist fashion, Bob is working tirelessly to get back into performance shape by the finals on Friday.

“I took off on the quarter pipe and didn’t pop out enough,” Burnquist explained. “I ended up hitting the coping on the way down from a 20 foot air. I hit my left foot first and got a crazy heel bruise then hit my lower back. I nailed my left pelvis on the coping as well and it felt like a fracture. It hurt so bad. I got X-rays that showed no broken bones, but I got beat up bad.”

You may have to brace yourself for when watching the brutal crash, but the fact that Burnquist is planning on getting back up to skate in the contest is proof enough that he is a true champion and is utterly dedicated to his sport.

“I’ve been in a wheel chair for 18 hours,” he said. “Then I ditched it and started the painful process of a speedy recovery to try and skate the finals on Friday. As I write this, I’m feeling much better and it looks like I might be able to. Fingers

Fingers crossed is right. Check out an inside look at the X Games MegaRamp as Bob takes us through the ins and outs of prepping for one of the biggest events of the weekend. And don’t say we didn’t warn you to brace yourself for his painful crash in the end.


John Ohail


June 28, 2012