“Enjoy The Game”: Content Xu Dongxiang of China Grabs Second in Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls Rowing


Xu Dongxiang’s country is notoriously famous for its immense campaign to dominate the victory count at the Summer Games.

But for the Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls Rower, a second place finish will suffice.

“I am very happy, just to have had the opportunity this time to compete at the Olympics,” Xu said. “I just enjoy the game. I am okay without the top of the podium, because we really are at this high level.”

Finishing in the Final with a solid 7 minutes 11 seconds, Xu and her partner Huang Wenyi were sitting in the third position at 1000 meters. Later in the contest, the Chinese duo powered past the British team and went head to head with the Greek team – sitting at less than a second behind.

As the final sprint to the finish went down, the Greeks edged the Far East team by a mere 0.16 seconds.

But although they just fell short of an overall triumph, they’re more than proud of the accomplishment after leaving the 2008 Games, on their own turf in China, with a fifth place finish.

She briefly retired in 2009 following some disappointments in China’s National Games – but was selected to return to the Summer Games to vie for the Gold. Paired with a younger rower, Wenyi, only 21 years of age, the duo made for a dynamic team combining power and experience.

With the amazing result, she will now go into retirement with coveted hardware around her neck.

“Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity!” she concluded.


Andrew De Lara


August 06, 2012